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What to expect

Your appointment will be booked at the top of the hour unless a different length of time has been agreed upon in advance with your therapist. Please come into our open waiting area and make yourself comfortable; in just a short while, your therapist will come out to let you know your appointment is about to begin. Feel free to bring your laptop or mobile device as free guest wifi is available for your convenience, however, your wait will rarely be more than a short while.

If you have never before been in a counseling environment, don't worry we have been doing this a long time. We do not expect you to know what you are doing or how to fix your own problems. Your time with your counselor is time for you to find real help (not just your friend or neighbor's advice) dealing with your real issues. And, yes, everyone has issues, you are not alone. 

Expect to feel "new" to this. It is your counselor's job to help guide you through into "safe territory" and a place where you can comfortably discuss the things that are on your mind. It is also important that you know that at Twin Rivers, we maintain the strictest standards of confidentiality under the laws governing the professional counselor/client relationship.

So come in, sit back, relax and take this time to get real help dealing with life's tough stuff.